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Jankel Tactical Systems (JTS) was founded in 2008 by Jankel Holdings (JH), a common owner of Jankel’s globally recognized engineering  and manufacturing groups.  The Jankel group of companies are most widely known for their expertise in military and law enforcement vehicles, to include purpose built sub-systems and occupant protection solutions.  The Jankel Group was formally established in 1955 and is a family owned, privately held group.
JH built  the foundation of  JTS  with a core team of military veterans who possessed extensive backgrounds in the execution of supporting a wide range of military operations, sustaining equipment in hostile environments, and conducting high-risk  protection activities.  The global experience and knowledge within JTS has continuously contributed to our  success in becoming a preferred supplier of protection solutions & purpose built systems to the United States and its friends and allies over the past 10 years.

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