Pegasus Special Operations Vehicle (SOV)

Based on the rugged and reliable Jeep J8 platform, the Pegasus SOV is a class-leading Light Tactical Vehicle offering unparalleled air-transportability and light strike capabilities. Jankel built Pegasus as a demonstrator of our capabilities. We invested our own resources to discover the art of the possible. The Pegasus SOV was conceived to meet existing requirements for lightweight, highly mobile, tactical vehicles that are transportable inside a Chinook CH-47. Pegasus’ capabilities significantly exceed those of existing COTS offerings at a highly competitive price. Pegasus SOV utilizes a powerful and efficient 2.8 liter turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission and limited slip differentials, offering class-leading mobility and power characteristics. Proven, uprated axles have been fitted, raising the GVW to 4500 kg and payload to 1500 kg, providing 274 mm of ground clearance. Air suspension on the rear axle allows the vehicle to reverse into airframes in full tactical configuration, enabling Pegasus to be ‘assault ready’ post-egress within 60 seconds (weapon prepped for fire). The vehicle is also fitted with a new body to increase loading room and improve crew ergonomics and has been designed to integrate a STANAG 4569 Level 1 modular armor solution.