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Armoring hasn't changed in over 100 years but Jankel is at the cutting edge of a revolution. American entrepreneurship meets German engineering to bring a technology that is not only game-changing but also brings added protection to the front-line. This technology replaces the jigsaw of hundreds of flat pieces of armor used in conventional armoring with 31 pieces of armor.  Molding the plates while they are still hot preserves the strength of the steel and allows the armor to better contour the vehicle. Benefits of Hot Formed Armor:
  • Reduced weight of armor system as 70% less welding, bolting and support armor required
  • Increased blast and ballistic protection due to use of larger components
  • Rapid delivery due to reduced labor content and reduced production times
  • Increased protection from the over-matched threat
  • Conformity of protection in production from OEM tolerance panels
  • Reduction in purchase price