Our Solutions

Protection in an Ever-Changing Landscape

The on-going protection of men and women in dangerous places relies on the creative development of tomorrow’s life-protecting technologies. Working with researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders, Jankel is continuously exploring and developing new ways of refining and improving our protective products.

Hot-Formed Armor

Armoring hasn't changed in over 100 years but Jankel is at the cutting edge of a revolution. Find out more

Finite Element Analysis

Using LS-Dyna as the base simulation program, our FE team have taken an extensive amount of live test data to correlate our FE models. Find out more
Jankel Modelling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation

Jankel's ability to rapidly produce realistic concept illustrations and designs from the early stages means smoother programming from the start. Find out more

Testing & Evaluation

Jankel undertakes test and evaluation to ensure our product conforms to specification. Find out more